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Once again STEP Guernsey is grateful to host a number of excellent speakers, drawing on both local and global talent to provide delegates with key updates and information about our industry.

You can find out a bit more about our guest speakers below. 

Penelope Reed Bio (1).png
Nancy Golding Bio (1).png
Natasha Kapp bio (1).png
Paul Beale Bio (1).png
Natalie Findlayson bio (1).png
Adrian Hale bio (2).png
Charisma Lyall Bio (2).png

around the world - microsessions

Patricia Woo Bio (1).png
Diana Kalyaeva Bio (1).png
Sunita Singh-Dalal bio.png
Neil Schoenblum bio.png

panel session

Alison Parry Bio (6).png
Caroline Prow Bio (2).png
Elaine Graham Bio (7).png
Jane Niles bio.png
Elaine Gray bio.png

step guernsey conference committee

Rupert Morris bio (1).png
Rajah Abusrewil Bio.png
Matthew Gilligan Bio.png
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